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We start with why…
We only work when we know that we can achieve the desired  impact for our partners and make digital transformation a reality

We act like the missing link between stakeholders…
We translate the different languages that Corporates, Startups, Academia and the Government speak to multiply our impact

We deliver hands-on and outcome-focused…
We don’t work with an army of consultants, but deliver our projects through our network of more than 300 entrepreneurs

Companies are searching for ways to educate employees on agile working methods, to foster an innovative mindset and to identify new revenue streams. Bringing the spirit of entrepreneruship into your company, right into the heart of the employees: That is intrapreneurship. Together with our network of mentors and (serial) entrepreneurs we offer a tailor-made program to support your employees on their path from the first idea to a validated prototyp.  


In the time of constant change and accelerating technological adoption curves, corporates require education programs at a quality level of leading business schools that include cutting edge technologies, latest digital management practices and best practice insights from unicorns and scale-ups. Our solution: Custom Programs from one day to one week – target audience from top management (e.g.  2-day program for the CEO of Emirates) to dozens of executives (Daimler, Bosch), national and international clients, driven by entrepreneurs and practical professors. 

Many organzisations struggle to find  access to top international startups to partner with, to invest into or to acquire. GERMANTECH offers active sourcing through a research driven approach. This enables us to identify the best startups through our network of 100+ accelerators, incubators and research institutes. With expert interviews we hand-pick the most promising startups.
We also develop and conduct  Innovation Awards. Through a global outreach we source hundreds of startups in your industry to select the best fitting ones. Your additional benefits: positive positioning  of your brand which is relevant for recruiting and marketing. 

It can be challenging to access best-of-breed ideas and top talent. To maintain a trustworthy integration of corporate activities in the existing tech ecosystems across Europe is required. We enable our partners to become a true and vitally important player in the ecosystem. We provide a vivid environment with top notch infrastructure, events, social media communication about the activities and a deep integration in the existing ecosystem (prime access to events, sponsorship opportunities, meetups etc).

The No Bullshit Lab is industry-agnostic and designed to grow elite tech startups from all over the world.
The selected companies will go through a tailor-made program based on their needs and status, leveraging the GERMANTECH experience, expertise and global connections to support in the achievement of their strategic goals.